Calling all Folkestone artists, workshop leaders, art educators and those providing services to artists.

As part of Bob and Roberta Smith’s commission for Folkestone Triennial 2017 we are producing a FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL directory of all the creative learning opportunities in the town. The directory will be a comprehensive index, a celebration and a marketing platform.

It will cover formal and informal learning, across the breadth of artistic and creative skills. It will include organisations and individual practitioners and we want to make sure we include those who are just getting started, as well as those who are well established.

Your activity doesn’t need to be taking place during the Triennial (although there is a calendar section for that). It is also about showing the breadth and wealth of activity in the town, all year round.

There will be a section covering services for artists. We want to include the creative skills that artists and art schools need: where to get work photographed; stretchers or plinths made; help with AV or installs. So if you are a business or individual providing services to artists, there is a section for you.

There will also be a section on inspiration: places you love; where you find the stuff you need; where you go to get ideas or source materials; interesting shops; meeting places. In fact anything you want to suggest.

Bob’s intention is to show how Folkestone Is Already An Art School and the directory will be an audit of what is available for anyone at any level.

Download the form here to provide information for your entry.

Do get in touch if you have any questions and please share with anyone who might want to be included. We want everything and everyone in!

Please complete the form and email to, by Monday 26 June 2017. Please put FIAAS Directory in the subject line.

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