Public Works is an art/architecture collective, who have been collaborating on projects since 1998. Together, they develop participatory art projects, which focus on the use of public space and engagement with the environment. For Folkestone, Public Works looked at the role of culture in the process of regeneration. With the help of audience participation, FOLKESTONOMY investigated the impact of the Triennial and the wider changes the town was experiencing.

Public Works designed a special tool, a mobile ‘hub’ in the form of a milk-float positioned in different locations in Folkestone throughout the Triennial. From this ‘hub’, staff collected feedback and conducted interviews with passers-by, ‘mapping’ individual experiences of visitors and residents via specially developed software. The results lead to an animation and an ever changing map (similar to a weather map) this was published weekly in a local newspaper. FOLKESTONOMY was a mixture of interactive artwork and sociological study.

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  1. Posted by Kathrin andreas | Fototrack on January 18, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    […] Kathrin Böhm, Andreas Lang and Torange Khonsari | Folkestone …Sep 25, 2011 … FOLKESTONOMY is a mixture of interactive artwork and sociological study. Kathrin Böhm, Germany 1969. Andreas Lang, Germany 1968. … […]

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