The Orient-Express, most glamorous of trains and epitome of stylish international travel, still pulls in weekly at Folkestone. Tuttofuoco and two of his collaborators re-enacted the classic journey from Istanbul to Paris and Folkestone. FOLKESTONE, his large sculpture on the harbour arm, is the result of this journey. The individual ‘letters’ were chanced upon by the artist through social situations and incidents with people along the route. Like a classic ‘road movie’, Folkestone Express, Tuttofuoco’s accompanying film, documents these encounters as the journey evolves.

FOLKESTONE sculpture suggested viewing points: The East Cliff or Sunny Sands.


  1. Posted by Arty-Farty Folkestone | padclaire on September 8, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    […] Patrick Tuttofuoco’s three metre sculpture on the harbour arm, marks the journey of The Orient-Express from Istanbul to Paris and Folkestone.  Tuttofuoco came across  the letters during his journey along the route. […]

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