Strange Cargo’s Triennial contribution was an illustrated alternative guidebook of their hometown, Folkestone. Through image and text, their A6 pocketbook presents hidden sites and forgotten landmarks of personal interest. It was the outcome of a lengthy collaboration with local residents. A collection of memories, whimsies and facts, the guidebook offers a glimpse of what it is like to be at home in Folkestone. Two hundred of the observational texts were printed on discreet acrylic plaques, fixed in their respective locations.

‘The People’s Guidebook To Folkestone’ was sold from the Triennial Visitor Centre and Strange Cargo’s base at Georges House Gallery, The Old High Street. Alongside the installation of 200 signs around Folkestone was an exhibition at Georges House Gallery from 25 June to 20 August 2011.

Over the past 15 years, Strange Cargo has established a reputation for high-profile public art interventions, delivering award-winning projects. They also curate Georges House Gallery in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter, and their ethos of large-scale participation in the visual arts has emerged from their practice in the field of carnival and celebratory arts.



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