As the traffic to the Continent boomed during the second half of the nineteenth century, improvements were made to the harbour to accommodate more steamers and increased number of train departures.  Tidal problems were overcome with the building of a new low water pier in 1861.  This pier was damaged in a storm of January 1877 and was rebuilt and extended between 1881 and 1883.  The New Pier was further widened and extended between 1897 and 1904, and this lighthouse was built at the end of the pier.*

The lighthouse is constructed of granite with a moulded cylindrical tower and is equipped with a beacon and reed type foghorn.  It received Grade ll listed status in 2008 and was fully restored in 2011.**

This quote from Kipps: The Story of a Simple Soul by H. G. Wells reflects the mood of the harbour at night:

They came out presently upon the end of the Leas and looked down to where the squat dark masses of the Harbour and Harbour Station, gemmed with pinpoint lights, crouched against the twilit grey of the sea.***

*** Quote supplied byJane Italici :

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