Gabriel Lester

Photo of “The Electrified Line (Cross-Track Observation-Deck)” courtesy of Gabriel Lester


Folkestone Triennial 2014 Education Programme comprised of:

  • Schools and Family workshops
  • School and community Triennial presentations about the artworks and artists
  • Guided tours of the Triennial artworks for schools and community groups
  • Educational historic talks linked to the Triennial artworks
  • School art projects linked to the Triennial artworks
  • Triennial ARTiculation designed to promote appreciation and discussion of Triennial artworks for sixth form students
  • Audio Guide transcripts in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Czechoslovakian
  • Young Person’s Guide
  • Learning packs devised for primary, secondary and EFL schools and,
  • Teacher Twilight guided tours

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